Xmas Club meeting 11/12/2013

First time in the old club’s new location, “the Lounge” – in the north east corner of the Burnside Community Centre. Everyone was impressed with the level of comfort and the amount of space available: a far cry from the shoebox like dimensions of the previous site.

A highlight (no pun…but see the images) was the unveiling of the new Eiffel tower, complete with its led’s: John Beswick is thanked and commended for his efforts in its construction: a wonderful display!

On a somewhat more pragmatic level, the newly acquired coffee mugs, sporting in red the logo of the Club Citroen of South Australia inc, were well received. Thanks to all those who brought something along to grace the table of nibbles, which were consumed to the accompaniment of appropriate french musette music and an all-Citroen slide show. Especial thanks to Colin Cooter, of Lengs and Cooter Wines for the liquid delights enjoyed by all.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, an enjoyable and safe Festive Season, and a Happy New Year.  Club Citroen of South Australia inc has, by no choice of its own, had to endure a difficult year, thanks to the efforts of one or two somewhat unfortunate individuals: hopefully this will not be a part of 2014, so that the Club can continue with its quite inclusive program of meetings, tech-talks, outings and genuine conviviality for those folk with an interest in any and all things Citroen –  old or new!