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The 2018 Cit – In will be heldin Dalby Qld 

Easter Cit-In 2018 – Dalby, QLD


Citin 2018 is to be held  in Queensland at Dalby
30th March – 2nd April.

2018 is the 50th anniversary of annual Cit-In held in a different state every year. This year the event is being hosted by your club over the Easter week-end and the venue chosen is the country town of Dalby.

In the near future the official Cit-In website will be launched and I will pass this on to members. The reason I am highlighting the event so soon is twofold.

Firstly accommodation in Dalby over Easter will book out early and secondly to ensure your club hosts a successful event we need as much financial assistance as possible. If you have any ideas on sponsorship or the like please contact Ken Wilson or Allen Maze or any of the club committee. There are numerous items we need sponsorship for so ANY help will be greatly appreciated.