The construction of this website would not have been possible without the support from members of Club Citroën of South Australia Inc. A number of people, listed below, have contributed to the development of this website and on behalf of the Club, I wish to thank them all for their time and contributions.
graphic design
Former Club President Ms Kelly Schulz designed the cover of L’Auto which formed the foundation of the graphic design concept for the website. Kelly has also provided the Club with copyright to her design used for the cover of L’Auto and to photographs used in this website (eg. 50 Years of DS Celebration. Victoria Park SA 2005).Local freelance graphic designer, Mr John Newall used his creative talent and patience to transform my ideas for the appearance of the website in to reality. The banner is entirely his creative work.Graphic designer, Ms Suzanne Phillips, is thanked for her constructive thoughts.

Ms Justine O’Bryan, Marketing Manager at Citroën Australia, provided the Citroën logo guidelines for use, which is much appreciated.

Mr Chris Bennet, Mr David Gilbert, Mr Grant Ward and myself formed the Website Working Group which began and completed the project. I thank Chris, David and Grant for their efforts, beginning with the tendering process to proof reading the content. In particular, Grant Ward is thanked for his technical assistance and recommendations.

Mr Chris Gurney of Integrinet is thanked for his patience, service and construction of an easy to use and edit website.

Professional artist and Club member Mr Gerry Colella is thanked for creating and generously providing the Club with copyright to his photographs used in this website (eg. welcome page). Mr Chris Bennet, Prof. Colin Carati, Mr Paul Cox and Mr David Gilbert either loaned or provided their vehicles for staging photographs taken by Gerry Colella.

Special thanks is extended to former member, Mr John Allen for donating a Citroën Car Club of Australia Inc. grille badge to the Club archives. Former member, Mr Peter O’Rourke is thanked for loaning personal copies of Traction Torque to the Club.

Mr Chris Bennet, Ms Ann Gill, Ms Heather Greaves (Victoria), Mr David Gries (Victoria), Mr Philippe Mortier, Mr Les Tapping and Mr Phil Ward (Queensland) are thanked for supplying useful information about the history of the Club and Cit-In rallies.

Finally, Mr Brian Davies of the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA Inc. is thanked for proof reading the page on historic registration.

author: Ms Riawati Djuwita
Tuesday 1 March 2011