Message from the Secretary re the next Club Meeting

Bonjour tout le monde

As you may have anticipated, your Club Committee has been discussing how CCSA will respond to the rather dramatic developments of the last month or so.  Please take the time to read our President’s letter (sent separately ), where we outline the immediate steps we are taking to ensure we all stay safe,  whilst kindling the spirit of the Club and its members.

Given the current physical isolation requirements, we have cancelled the next two Club meetings and all planned events. There is no meeting next week at Burnside, but the minutes of the last meeting are attached – its fascinating to read the planning and discussions of just a month ago – we had NO IDEA of what was about to hit us.

However, just because we can’t meet in person, doesn’t mean we can’t support each other and continue our shared interest in Citroens by other means.  To illustrate this, we will set up an interactive video link for 8.00 pm on the  8th of April (our usual meeting time) for those who want to meet virtually, swap a few stories, and ‘chew the fat’.  Details will follow early next week, but all you will need is access to the internet by phone, tablet or computer.

Til next week, stay safe and make sure you wash your hands  …… hopefully they will be good and dirty because you have taken the opportunity to work on the cars !! 

Colin (Carati)

Secretary, CCSA