Message from the President


1st April 2020

G’day to all our devoted Club Citroen SA Members,

Unless you have been living in complete isolation or in a country where English is very much a second or non existent language, like fellow members Craig and Gail have been doing whilst on holidays in South America over the past month or so, you will realise and understand, that to ensure the longevity and good health of all of us, we need to isolate our selves as much as possible to avoid contracting COVID19.

From what began as reduced group size gatherings we now have a situation where 2 is a crowd and 10 could result in heavy fines or even gaol.

To ensure we comply with Government guidelines and decrees and continue to enjoy good health, your committee has cancelled our next two Club meetings ie Wednesday 8th April and Wednesday 13th May. We will monitor Government requirements and update you on a monthly basis as to when our next face to face meeting might be held.

Your Committee held its first virtual meeting last night via “ZOOM” video conferencing and we will continue to manage Club affairs in a similar manner until we can meet face to face as a committee.

The Presidents of the State Citroen Clubs held a similar video conference last Saturday to discuss the likelihood of Cit-in 2020 being held in September as earlier proposed, the decision is pending till a further meeting of Presidents is held on Sat 11th April, but the recommendation to NSW Cit-in committee was that 2020 event should be cancelled. More information will follow after the meeting on the 11th.

All Club Citroen SA events up till June have been cancelled and events later than June are on the basis of To Be Advised whilst we wait the progression on COVD19. Please refer to Le Auto Program/Calendar page and our website for current information re events.

While we are “enjoying” our quiet time can I ask that you all continue to make contact with each other and particularly older members to ensure they are safe and well.

Our time should not be spent being bored, start on that restoration you have been procrastinating about, prepare your car for our next outing… you now have time!

Consider sharing via Matt on our Web site and to our Editor of Le Auto, David, any good books you may have read, anecdotes, humour, Citroen news, personal news, health or otherwise so that we can remain connected during these isolated times.

I would like to invite you all to a virtual gathering next Wednesday at 8 pm. You will receive an email from Colin Carati, our secretary. This email will have a “link” attached. Click on the link and you will be taken to a Club Citroen SA video conference. Here we can hold an informal meeting of members and see how we are all getting on in these very different times. We may even be able to hear from Craig and Gail as they endure their isolation in a hotel in Sydney.

Remember , please wash you hands and as our very famous French Inspector Clouseau says…PLEASE STAY AT HERM !!!!

Thank you all, Stay Safe and Happy

Best Regards

Greg Moorhouse

CCSA President.