Run to Anderson Hills Winery

The run started of at Burnside on a sunny but windy day and we left there and headed of to Uraildla to meet up with another few members. From there a nice trip to the winery where another couple of members where already tasting the wines.
It was the first outing for Amanda who is in the process of getting her new Plum & Custard 2cv registered. Not only that Graham and Ruth Bettany were with his newly restored 2cv engine, although it seemed the blinkers had a small hiccup on the way.
The menu was a choice of delicious Pizzas with a great drop of Wine straight from the winery.
The venue was well patronized and the surrounding hills etc were picturesque.
After the meal and some amusing conversations we made our way back to our various home locations.

The Winery
Amanda & Chris
A good line up
Still agood line up