Historic Vehicles Information

News form Greg Moorhouse  our Historic Vehicle Representative

As I am going to be away for our June Club and Committee meetings please send email and post on Web site the following message.
Our 2 main Historic Vehicle people Greg and John Beswick are going to be absent from our June Meeting so to ensure your Log Books are stamped and signed off before the end of June, and hence your car is registered, if you intend to drive after the 30th June you have a couple of options:
You also need to be a financial member of CCSA for the log book to be stamped and your car to be “registered”, 
1. Come on Matts Mystery Tour on the 26th May and bring your Log Book/s with you and I’ll Stamp and sign on the day… preferred option.
2. Bring your Log Book/s to me at 28 Angas Rd before the 31st May (call to make a time 0499600841) I will generally be available after 12.30 pm weekdays but call first.
3. Bring your book/s to me at home after the 19th June again after 12.30 pm weekdays best, again call first.
4. Wait till our July Club Meeting and I can sign and stamp then, but you will be unregistered from 30th June until the 10th July.
5. Post your Log book/s to me with a self addressed and stamped envelope for return of your book/s and I will stamp and sign as long as Club membership has been paid. NB I will be away 1st to 18th June so books would not be returned during these dates plus
you will be unable to drive your car whilst the book/s are in the mail.
I apologise for any in convenience in advance but trust this info allows you to make arrangements so you can continue to drive your historic vehicle uninterrupted , otherwise you will need to wait  until July meeting to drive, once the 30th June arrives.. 
Best regards
Greg Moorhouse