Fellow Members

Can any of our members help John, if so please contact him on the email below

Good afternoon everyone.

Below is a correspondence between myself and Daryl Meek of the RACV. It is self-explanatory and I encourage you to read it.
The question, then, is; are there any people in the Citroen community in Australia who have a familial connection with Katherine or Bertha Braithwaite, William Dixon, H.T. Curtis or W.G. McDonald?
Daryl himself is a grandson of one of the Braithwaites, I believe. It could also be possible that you have some knowledge of  an early 10hp car that may have been one of the four entries in that 1921 trial.
Can I ask you all to put the question to your memberships, perhaps via your publications and we’ll see what comes of it. 
I am sure that between us we have four 10hp type A cars that could participate in the re-enactment Daryl mentions.
Attached is a photo from RACV of Katherine and Bertha Braithwaite and their car in the 1921 event. It would add interest to a small piece in your magazines.

Thank you and I hope to see most of you in Echuca on Friday.

John Parsons
President, CCCV.