Subject: Citroen C5 V6 exclusive for sale

From: D & A Greenshields []
Sent: Tuesday, 10 January 2017 10:50 PM
Subject: Citroen C5 V6 exclusive for sale


Dear Loui,

As indicated on the phone, we have a 2003 Citroen C5 V6 exclusive for sale.

Unfortunately, it has a damaged transmission which would cost too much to repair for a car of this age.

Prior to this breakdown occurring, the car has given two years of good service.

Apart from the transmission, the car is in good condition.

We live at Port Noarlunga.

It is a pity to send the car to the wreckers.

It would be an ideal source of spare parts, especially for a Citroen owner.

If any of your members are interested, please contact me anytime on 0403 862 2448.

We will hold on to the car for 3 weeks to give interested people time to have a look.


David Greenshields