New Club Committee, AGM report

At the recently conducted AGM the following members were duly elected

President                                Greg Moorhouse
Vice President                        Matt Cottrell

Secretary                                Loui Burke

Treasurer                                Colin Carati

John Beswick
Matt Cottrell
Frank Scott

Public Officer                        Colin Cooter

The general committee still has a vacancy . We are looking for another member who would like to fill in this final position.  Please contact  Greg if you feel like you would like to contribute to the running of the club.

The club would like to thank the out going members
Colin Cooter
David Gilbert
Michelle Mart


One thought on “New Club Committee, AGM report

  1. Don Stacy

    Does anyone have a problem accessing the Aussiefrogs website? I have not been able to access for a couple of days whether direct or via the club link. I sent a message to the site providers (something like Dcsi) and have had a reply but cannot get into it.
    Maybe my Mac has a problem?


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