CCSA and Petanque Club Xmas 2015

The club held our annual dinner at the Club Petanque . The venue was perfect for us and the conviviality of the night was something that all members enjoyed.
Well done Team Michelle the eventual winners of the night
Hopefully a full report will be available in the next Le Auto.

Thanks to everyone for making the effort to join in

A great thanks to the the Club  Petanque for putting on a great evening

Season Greetings
All CCSA    committee members

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One thought on “CCSA and Petanque Club Xmas 2015

  1. Greg Moorhouse

    Thank you Editor Matt, yes the Christmas show was a great event enjoyed by all and the contributions made by members to the Hutt Street Centre were extremely well received by the centre, all going to make Christmas great for many!
    Merry Christmas and a Safe , healthy and Happy New year to all.

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