Club Run to Second Valley

Some photos of the day sent to me from  Gerry,  The day started with brilliant Sunshine in Adelaide and cold and cloudy at Normanville and lovely sunny day at Second Valley. We had an interesting side trip to Ann Cottrell’s childhood home at the Wirrina Holiday resort. There was plenty of discussion during the day especially Craig’s meeting with RAA.  Sounds like Geoff & Chris had a lovely weekend with a stay at Leonard’s Mill. It was also great to see another 2cv there ,  congratulations to Loui and Helen for the arrival of their new “baby”.

Many Thanks to Colin & Mary for the day for the lovely spread and creating a lovely place to meet.


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One thought on “Club Run to Second Valley

  1. Greg Moorhouse

    A big thank you to Mary and Colin from me too, a fantastic turn out by 26 members and mates and 13 cars 10 of which were new and or older Citroens.
    Thanks all for making it such a great day.
    Greg Moorhouse

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