Thanks for a great evening!

What a great success last night’s Bastille dinner was … the right crowd, but no(t too much) crowding, as was the saying associated with the Brooklands (UK) between-the-wars race track. Chef Xavier and his staff did themselves proud and the dishes were excellent. The Sheoak Café can certainly be recommended should you be passing – the patisseries are to die for.
Many thanks to Valerie Mills-Stacy from CAF for all her preparation for the event and especially her work in acquiring those wonderful raffle items … her efforts were much appreciated by all.
And as ever, thanks to Liz Pike for yet again providing us with photos of the occasion.
The bicycle(s) decorating the scene were generously provided by Greg Moorhouse. Any rumours that he and Rose are going to take part in next year’s Tour de France are to be encouraged.