More Carrick Hill treats

As if the Celebration of the Motorcar on April 27th were not enough, we can have the pleasure of learning more about the artist Alexandre Iakovleff who accompanied the  Citroen Expeditions to Africa and Asia. Just so long as you can find the time available – let us hope you can as these will be outstanding opportunities indeed.

Wednesday May 7th 10.30 to 11.15: Carolyn Berlyn, curator of Carrick Hill, will present “Rediscovering Iakovleff: Researching a lost artist and tracing his journeys” As your scribe will be otherwise occupied with a veteran car rally centred at Robe he will sadly miss out on this one, but will be just as keen to experience two further presentations in the first week of June.        Wednesday 4th June at 10.30 “Owning the Silk Road” and at 1.30 “Travelling the Silk Road” .  There is a nominal charge for these events – but it will be well worth it. Make the time if you can.