Monthly Archives: June 2014

Electronic banking

For detail on making e-payments to the Club look under the “Contact us” tab.

If paying your subscription, indicate “Subs” to make our treasurer’s job a little easier.  And let him know from whom the payment comes.

Historic vehicle inspection & bbq Sunday 22 June

If you have an inspection required on your historic registered car (ie if it’s 3 years since the last one), why not combine it with a friendly social bbq at the Chennells’ place (25 Wilpena St Eden Hills). The barbie plate will be hot by 12.00 noon, but feel free to turn up earlier if you wish. Print off a Stat. Dec. form and have it filled out & signed by a JP so it can be completed on the day. As well, bring the registration papers for the vehicle. Food & drinks? – byo the lot: probably no need for chairs as we have about 20 or so. Remember – you must be a paid up Club member for 2014/2015

Stat dec forms can be found by navigating to the tab labelled “The Club”, clicking on “Historic Registration” and scrolling down that page to where the appropriate link can be found.

JP’s in the Mitcham area as follows:                                                                                          Mitcham Council on Belair Rd has JP Monday 9-12 & Thursday 9-12 and 2-4pm                        Mitcham Library JP Tuesday 10-12                                                                                                     Martin Hamilton Smith Office Belair Rd Mitcham 82716448 has JP Available but need to call beforehand