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Run to Charleston, December 8th

Eleven cars total, ten Citroëns with Dave Gilbert’s Traction, five 2 CV’s and the Cox’s  DS plus the more modern examples of Trish Channell, Secretary Colin Cooter and the Beswick clan. Good to see Les Tapping make the run (…in his SAAB…).

With many peoples’ Christmas calendars filling fast this was a great turn-out.

A relaxing drive through the Adelaide Hills to the pub at Charleston with lots of conversation over a filling lunch: rather than “large” servings, one description heard was “gargantuan”. Fifteen members in all and a thoroughly pleasant day out – warm and somewhat blustery, but the rain and thunderstorms held off for us. A good day indeed & enjoyed by all.

Old Fashioned Picnic Day 24/11/13

Well, despite ample publicity given, the CCSA turn up at this gathering at Clayton was a mere two!. Admittedly, it was not an “official” Club run, however… Here are some shots to give those who didn’t make it an idea of what machinery turned up: a satisfyingly eclectic range indeed. Thanks to the Historic Motor Vehicles Club, based in Victor Harbor, for organising it all. We look forward to next year’s repeat!

“Arternune” Pizza Day 17/11/2013

Yet again we thank Paul and Judy Cox for finding the time in their jam-packed year to host  Club Citroen S. A. at their property “Arternune”. This is the fourth such event, and since the first, the pizza oven has been upgraded to incorporate Littlehampton firebricks: your writer was a little confused by noticing that the door of the oven now faces west rather than the original north. Whatever the details, it works a treat, but we feel for Paul who started the fire at 8.30 am. And no doubt Judy was up just as early to prepare the pizza bases. Thanks, folks!

The entertainment highlight of the day was very possibly the gazebo erection: if you know the one about “how many Irishmen does it take to change a light globe” you’ll be able to visualise six people of  reasonable intelligence (apparently) grappling with the task. Thankfully there was no wind to confuse the issue further, but it seemed complicated enough as it was. It’s always good to have an appreciative audience…

With that challenge met (eventually) it was down to the serious business of pizza making, and the standard was well up to previous levels. Best “feature” pizza went to Emma Beswick, and the “best tasting” to the Chennells with their “Armée de l’air” rondel product. Blue borage flowers have found a new application!

Here we have our gracious host and hostess – plus Alfie, the Border Collie (oh yes… and their beautiful Citroën!)

CCSA meet at Belcar showrooms 12/11/13

Thanks to Emil Baraiter of Belcar, last night’s meeting was something special!

It was a case of “bring your own chairs”, but for those who attended the November meeting of Club Citroën S A  it was a great success – surrounded by gleaming new Citroëns during the evening’s proceedings. The new DS3 Cabrio took some beating, but there was something for everyone on the floor of the showroom … from the Picasso through to the DS3 Cabrio, which I think was my favourite! Thanks to Liz Pike for the photos, but don’t some of them look like kids in a toy shop!

Last, but by no means least – many thanks to Emil Baraiter of Belcar, for giving us the chance to enjoy this great experience!

1923 5 CV around Australia!

The amazing story of Nevill Westwood and his travelling companion Greg Davies can be seen here  at the National Museum of Australia’s website. Westwood undertook this incredible journey in 1925, leaving Perth in August of that year and returning in December of the same year after a total of 148 days. Make sure you look at the photographic record of the trip – they were most certainly made of stern stuff in those days! A short (silent) movie clip to be seen here and the story of the National Museum’s restoration/preservation work on the car is here   And if you’re near Canberra at any time this is one display which is bound to please any Citroën enthusiast!

The above image from a website worth following – a renactment. And for the restoration involved in preparation for that undertaking, check out this