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Frank Scott Shed Day – 18/08/2013

Cold, wet and windy – but the true enthusiasts weren’t deterred.

Tree branches blown onto the roads and generally bleak conditions on the outside, but warm hospitality and a great feeling of cameraderie for the Club visit to check out the treasures within Frank’s shed. Lo and behold it’s where he keeps his rotisserie. Not the sort used for cooking – rather, for slowly turning something quite different;  a Citroen Traction he is transforming back to its original glory. And for extra value, Frank has a WW 2 army jeep as a further “toy” to play with.

Even better was the warmth of the Scott household, to which we retired (retreated?) to enjoy warming drinks and a superb table offering. Glasses were raised in honour of the birthday girl, Suzy Gilbert.  Thanks to Mary and Frank for their hospitality!