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Fellow Members

Can any of our members help John, if so please contact him on the email below

Good afternoon everyone.

Below is a correspondence between myself and Daryl Meek of the RACV. It is self-explanatory and I encourage you to read it.
The question, then, is; are there any people in the Citroen community in Australia who have a familial connection with Katherine or Bertha Braithwaite, William Dixon, H.T. Curtis or W.G. McDonald?
Daryl himself is a grandson of one of the Braithwaites, I believe. It could also be possible that you have some knowledge of  an early 10hp car that may have been one of the four entries in that 1921 trial.
Can I ask you all to put the question to your memberships, perhaps via your publications and we’ll see what comes of it. 
I am sure that between us we have four 10hp type A cars that could participate in the re-enactment Daryl mentions.
Attached is a photo from RACV of Katherine and Bertha Braithwaite and their car in the 1921 event. It would add interest to a small piece in your magazines.

Thank you and I hope to see most of you in Echuca on Friday.

John Parsons
President, CCCV. 

2018 All French Car Day


Fellow Citroen Enthusiasts .
The 2018 All French Car Day is fast approaching. We hope that you have secured this date in your club diary.
Once again it should be a great day  and  we look forward to your participation 



Bonjour Barossa

Hello Fellow Citroen enthusiasts.
Just a reminder to get onto the Bonjour Barossa website and purchase your discounted tickets, When asked for the code word just type in Citroen 

This reduces your ticket price from $15  to $10

Have a great time

Historic Registration Details

Hi All Historic. Car owners of CCSA.

Please bring your log book and Rego papers tonight for stamping.
No stamp on Log book after 30th June means you are not registered nor insured. 
If you don’t have all stamped tonight you will need to visit me before the Bonjour Barossa and or the Bastille Lunch Drive if you intend to drive your Historic registered car at either of these events, as you will be unregistered after the 30th of June.
See you all tonight.


Best regards